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The Bear

The Rising


Author John Kerr captivates readers with his book, The Bear.

This historical fiction novel, the first in a four-part series, chronicles the history of California and tells the tale of the people who settled in what became the thirty-first state.


The Bear

Water and Oil


More action-packed adventure awaits readers as the McGuire family saga continues!

This book takes a step back to the early 20th-century Los Angeles when gangsters rule the streets as well as when the rich and powerful ran their business with an iron fist of intimidation.


The Bear: War

This novel, the third in a series, follows Michael McGuire and a cast of characters in California as World War II dawns.



The Bear: California Dreamin’

Two partners stand back-to-back against the government, the mob and a duplicitous woman out for revenge. City fathers redline Mexican neighborhoods and plot to bring a ballclub to the City of Angles. Bullets fly and the streets run red with blood in the exciting conclusion of this epic series.



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John Kerr

John Kerr